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I set up the fashion brand Mrs.Lali to reveal my magical love and appreciation for the fashion world.

Each of us is born with at least one thing that we are good at.Sometimes if we are lucky this distinct thing will also become our profession.

Throughout my life I have been accompanied by a huge desire to dress, to draw and to write.

I choose to be brave,
And be one of those people who do what they truly love. Mrs. Lali allows me to fulfill my dreams of designs, while watching others wear my unique creations.
So make my imagination your reality and find the true beauty within yourself.

To provide you and me with the need to be different and special,
To show a presence that matches our truth.
To feel at every stage of the day that we have a different scent,
And the good feeling that is right for us.
That no one who looks at us or our destroyer, will not understand what happened to us today?
And why are we so glamorous?

Because we all know that our day is simply better when we feel better.

I travel the world to bring you and I the designs we can only find when we take off for freedom.

I am obsessed with creating and often work until the late hours of the night to try and find what I'm always looking for in a short or long round of shopping but can not find.

My name is Ariel,
A stylist and a fashion student at Shenkar College.
And I'm here with my partner,
Who is also my partner.
(With whom I am simply becoming better)
To show you what I know best, and to give you the option,
Always be special in the best version of yourself.

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